• nourish your body and soul
    nourish your body and soul
  • organic farm to table cuisine
    organic farm to table cuisine
  • nature walks
    nature walks
  • yoga
  • ceremonial cacao
    ceremonial cacao

Health and Wellness Yoga Retreats

Nature is calling and I must go!

Using food, movement, music and art, get in sync with a retreat experienced in nature that integrates the four elements, air, water, fire and earth. Incorporating nutrition, breath work, yoga, and the medicinal properties of raw cacao, deepening your awareness and exploring the diversity of learning, healing and becoming the Queen or King of your domain.


Your journey of self discovery begins


Meet and greet
  • Carly and Stacey will be ready for your arrival. Settle in and familiarize yourself with the farm
  • A gentle afternoon yoga class focusing on the breath will be open to those who would like to join
  • The magical cacao ceremony will begin shortly after yoga
  • A light dinner will be served after the ceremony
  • Free time to connect and relax


Ground. Connect. Support
  • Early walk to waterfall nature reserve
  •  Yoga/meditation
  • Breakfast
  • Wild food forage
  • Interactive lunch and medicinal workshop
  • Free time and/or massage
  • Music and storytelling with Nate Maingard
  • Dinner
  • Relax


Insight. Breathe. Empower
  • Early nature walk
  • Yoga/
  • Breakfast
  • Hormone vitality presentation
  • Lunch
  • Free time and massages
  • Dinner


Create. Manifest. Reflect
  • Yoga/meditation
  • Breakfast
  • Manifestation painting, meditation and reflection
  • Light lunch
  • Farewell

Carly Esterhuizen

Retreat co-ordinator and facilitator, conscious cook and nature guide

Carly has always felt a deep connection with the earth and all the creatures living therein. After completing her studies as an interior designer, her heart guided her to another -somewhat less travelled- road entirely, as she spent months living in the South African bush and gaining her field guide certification.

Carly’s other great loves are cooking and nurturing, which inspired her to train as a patisserie chef, learn canine hydrotherapy, host a slow food retreat and gain a diploma in canine health.

It was her abiding devotion to the creatures we share this earth with which led her to return to her roots, as she taught herself to craft mouth-wateringly delicious plant-based meals at her farm guest-house.

Combining her various and varied skills, Carly brings a stylishly earthy insight into nature’s bounty: sharing her knowledge about herbal remedies, foraged food, farm to table cooking, natural healing and more. She will also be hosting the hormone vitality workshop.

Stacey Leigh

Retreat co-ordinator and facilitator, Massage therapist and Yoga teacher

Stacey is a sexy Food Activist and Plant Based Food Purveyor at The Raw. She is also a qualified
Body Science and Healing Arts Practitioner, Educational Workshop Co-Ordinator and Facilitator at Namasté Lifestyles.
Her passion is Biofeedback Bodywork, Neuromuscular Alignment and Quantum Massage therapy. Stacey is a currently training to be a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher and is constantly growing and deepening her practice. "I wish to live a life that causes my soul to dance inside my body" is the mantra she lives by, which can be seen by her authentic way of being. 

Nate Maingard

Musician and Story teller


Modern troubadour Nate Maingard’s transcendent folk aesthetic encompasses irresistible hooks, uplifting enlightenment, and shamanistic energy. The Cape Town, South Africa-based artist’s songs chronicle a boldly vulnerable introspective journey. Nate has garnered favorable comparisons to a bevy of classic and current songwriters, including John Lennon, Cat Stevens, Jack Johnson, Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver, and Nick Drake. He’s earned prime media exposure across mediums; received his National Arts Festival’s prestigious Standard Bank Ovation Award; won the hearts of a highly engaged worldwide fanbase, affectionately dubbed “Nateives”; and toured internationally, performing in Germany, Mexico, Lithuania, and England. Previously, Nate has released two full-length albums and an EP. Currently, Nate is readying a new album, the artistic masterstroke, Always Wandering.

Lauren Hofmeyr

Cacao Kuchina and Sangoma

I am Lauren Amy Hofmeyr, often called Lah or Lolliee. My Ancestors name is Gogo Maria Magdalen.
I am a Troubadour – inspiring and awakening the golden frequencies of Joy through storytelling and performance arts, a Cacao Kuchina – serving Cacao in Ceremony to assist all who come with their process of Embodiment, a Red Tent server – I am a woman here to master being woman and to serve, a graduated Sangoma, a trained Montessori directress – trained to create environments that support freedom in growing, and I am a Mother of two growing teenagers.As Sangoma I support ancestral/DNA healing using Alchemical Voice, Movement and Rhythm, Sacred Cacao and Storytelling in group ceremony. I also do all this work one-on-one, throw bones for people and offer various treatments – both Traditional and unique to me.

Ngoma = to sing, to dance, to play the drum. Sangoma = the people who heal with singing and dancing and playing the drum.Healing = opening communication lines within systems to allow Life to flow unobstructed.
What is Cacao Kuchina… well that’s a story for just the right time :)

An ancient prophecy that is now unfolding said: “When Man has forgotten how to look after the Trees, ixCacao will return”

In this life my guiding light is to walk my divine heartsong path with the intention to ultimately help to change the education system, to use my gifts and skills to do so, and to work with people of all ages wherever I’m called. I am committed to working only for the Highest Good of All.