• nourish your body and soul
    nourish your body and soul
  • Learn how to get creative with raw vegan food
    Learn how to get creative with raw vegan food
  • energizing nature walks
    energizing nature walks
  • Detoxifying yoga everyday
    Detoxifying yoga everyday

4 day Raw Food Nature Retreat

Explore the healing benefits of raw plant based meals, daily yoga, informative herbal workshops and more on this four day retreat set in nature.
Sweat lodge ceremony included from 2018

On this retreat we will be exploring the diversity of raw vegan foods and their cleansing, healing benefits. There will also be daily yoga and nature walks, fresh cold pressed juices and informative workshops where we will get creative in the kitchen, making delicious and healthy raw vegan meals together. The benefits of this retreat include weight loss, clearer skin, mental clarity and a new found energy as we partake in daily plant based eating, sunrise detox yoga, nature walks and evening breathwork meditation. Our focus is on natural healing and so we will be learning about traditional herbal remedies in a medicinal tincture workshop where guests will learn about the various medicinal plants found in nature and make their own tinctures and remedies to take home. By connecting with each other in a safe space and getting back to basics we allow ourselves to go deeper within releasing negative patterns that do not serve our authentic selves. This retreat is for anyone who wants to get their power back, gain insights into and have the tools to kick start their new healthy lifestyle. It is also a great way to learn more about raw, vegan foods in a safe non-judgmental environment while having fun, getting fit outdoors and being creative in the kitchen. Everyone is welcome on this delicious and empowering journey of self discovery.


Your journey of self discovery begins

Day 1

Meet and greet
  • Carly will be ready for your arrival. Settle in and familiarize yourself with the farm
  • A light dinner will be served before yoga
  • A gentle evening yoga class focusing on the breath will be open to those who would like to join
  • Free time to connect and relax

Day 2

Ground. Connect. Support
  • Nature walk
  • Breakfast
  • Iyengar yoga class
  • Raw food workshop
  • lunch
  • free time and massages
  • Dinner
  • Relax

Day 3

Insight. Breathe. Empower
  • Early nature walk to waterfall
  • Breakfast
  • medicinal herb workshop
  • lunch
  • manifestation painting
  • Evening yoga class
  • Dinner

Day 4

Create. Manifest. Reflect
  • Yoga/meditation
  • Breakfast
  • Manifestation painting, meditation and reflection
  • Light lunch
  • Farewell

Carly Esterhuizen

Retreat co-ordinator and facilitator, conscious cook and nature guide

Carly has always felt a deep connection with the earth and all the creatures living therein. After completing her studies as an interior designer, her heart guided her to another -somewhat less travelled- road entirely, as she spent months living in the South African bush and gaining her field guide certification.

Carly’s other great loves are cooking and nurturing, which inspired her to train as a patisserie chef, learn canine hydrotherapy, host a slow food retreat and gain a diploma in canine health.

It was her abiding devotion to the creatures we share this earth with which led her to return to her roots, as she taught herself to craft mouth-wateringly delicious plant-based meals at her farm guest-house.

Combining her various and varied skills, Carly brings a stylishly earthy insight into nature’s bounty: sharing her knowledge about herbal remedies, foraged food, farm to table cooking, natural healing and more. She will also be hosting the hormone vitality workshop.

Danielle Rittel

Iyengar yoga instructor at Sukha @ De Heuvel