• Detox
  • yoga
  • medicinal herb workshop
    medicinal herb workshop
  • Purify body and soul with a sweat ceremony
    Purify body and soul with a sweat ceremony
  • Raw food workshop
    Raw food workshop
  • Organic vegan food
    Organic vegan food
  • nature walks
    nature walks

6 Day Wild Women's Nature Retreat

During this six-day retreat, you will be immersed in a detoxification process spiritually and physically to open the mind and heart and receive nature's unconditional love. Through the purification sweat lodge ceremonies, 1 full day of juice fasting, the nutrient dense whole foods served , daily yoga and ecstatic dance and a therapeutic earth-art class in nature you will be held in a safe space for true transformation and healing to happen. The retreat venue is in Tulbagh, a 90min drive from Cape Town and the ideal space to relax and unwind in nature.

On this retreat we will be disconnecting from technology and the daily grind of our modern lives and reconnecting with;

- ourselves and other women in an open heart space
-our sense of wonder and adventure
- our creative expression
- our vulnerability
-our deepest fears and desires
- our sexual energy


Itinerary and facilitators


(subject to change)

Day 1- meet and greet, evening yoga, opening ceremony, dinner

Day 2- Morning yoga, breakfast, raw food workshop, lunch, afternoon walk, dinner, meditation

Day 3- Morning yoga, breakfast, nature walk, lunch, herbal workshop/ceremony and ecstatic dance, sweat lodge, dinner, meditation

Day 4- Sunrise nature walk, yoga, breakfast, earth-art process using materials from nature while earthing (barefeet on the earth connecting with pacha mama), lunch, sweat lodge, dinner, sharing circle and meditation

Day 5- Morning yoga, breakfast, earth-art processing, lunch, free movement class, dinner, meditation

Day 6- Morning yoga, breakfast, nature walk and reflection, light lunch, closing ceremony

The Facilitators

The wonderful humans who will be facilitating and guiding you on this retreat

Carly Esterhuizen

Retreat co-ordinator and facilitator, conscious cook and nature guide

Carly has always felt a deep connection with the earth and all the creatures living therein. After completing her studies as an interior designer, her heart guided her to another -somewhat less travelled- road entirely, as she spent months living in the South African bush and gaining her field guide certification.

Carly’s other great loves are cooking and animal rehabilitation, which inspired her to train as a patisserie chef where she learn't to prepare food in a professional environment. After which she hosted slow food and raw food retreats at her guest farm.
She also completed her studies in and worked as a canine hydrotherapist and gained a diploma in canine health and nutrition which deepened her love for general health and well being.

It was her abiding devotion to the creatures we share this earth with which led her to return to her roots, as she taught herself to craft mouth-wateringly delicious plant-based meals at her farm guest-house.

Combining her various and varied skills, Carly brings a stylishly earthy insight into nature’s bounty: sharing her knowledge about herbal remedies, foraged food, farm to table cooking, natural healing and more. 

Yanna Romano

Retreat facilitator, yoga instructor and massage therapist

I am a healing arts facilitator offering mindful movement, creative processes and nourishing massage that invite inner discovery, self-transformation, and freedom to express in truth. I draw from a professional background in art facilitation, Vinyasa yoga teaching, and Ayurvedic massage, as well as my personal experience of recovery/discovery, to hold space for others. A deep reservoir of empathy fuels my commitment to this work.

I have been an avid yoga student since 2009, and completed my 200hr Teacher Certificate at The Shala in Cape Town. I offer alignment-based Vinyasa yoga that encourages breath awareness, intuition, and inner harmony within each posture, as well as within transitions. I have been a process art facilitator since 2012, running ongoing courses and workshops for groups of children, adolescents and adults from diverse communities in South Africa and abroad. I draw from ASTAR methodology to encourage creative expression that emerges from the inside out. I trained in Intuitive Massage with Shamiel Soeker in Cape Town in 2015, and in Ayurvedic massage at Hemadri Clinic in Rishikesh in 2017, and offer massage treatments for women that attune to specific physical and energetic needs.

I founded emerge–yoga art dance in 2017. It is the platform from which I create, share, and collaborate.