6 days Write your Story retreat- with Sarah Bullen

Do you want to record your own life or a slice of it?
Do you have someone you want to remember? or record their life

Join multi published author Kate Emmerson and writing coach and agent Sarah Bullen in Cape Town, South Africa on a magical five-night retreat in spring.
This five night retreat is for any writer who wants a creative space to write. You need nothing but your ideas and a willingness to put pen to paper.
Join us and find the magic thread in your life.

Flannery O’Connor famously said that anyone who survives childhood has enough material to write anything.

It can be a year, a single incident or a theme that runs through your life. It can be a deep love of food, a passion that has driven you, an obsession or a love affair that marked your life and changed your course. The job of a writer is to find your own story. In some way it is the greatest job.

And sometimes the writing becomes the adventure. Writing your own story is not as linear as writing to be published.

Unlike many courses that take you through the theory of writing and plotting, the course that you will follow on this retreat is geared towards getting you going on your book in a very practical fashion.

What is your story ? - let’s find it together.
The basics of planning a compelling story
Researching and remembering your life
Giving your story a structure
Finding your own writing voice
Finding your life story
Including characters and events
Limiting your time
Handling point of view
Working with dialogue
Finding your life theme
Knowing what to include and exclude





The daily schedule will be flexible and an outline of the itinerary sent to you when you enquire