4 day juice detox retreat

Come and discover health and healing through a cleansing juice detox and nourish your mind, body and soul.
To complement this healing process, we will also be including mindful yoga, an ayurvedic treatment, nature walks, and lots of rest and relaxation.
Connect to the body’s inner wisdom as we let go of what is no longer serving us.
The mind will be sharper, the body more energetic allowing us to peel off the layers and tap into our inner wildness.
During your four days with us you will feel nourished from the inside out, making life long connections with like minded women and creating new sustainable habits for a life to be well lived.
Prepare to be transformed as we gather in circle and explore the awakening of our body's wisdom through purification, juice fasting and creative movement
We look forward to welcoming you on this delicious and empowering journey of self discovery.

Fasting has been around for centuries and has been used for spiritual, emotional and physical healing.
Our bodies naturally detoxify through our liver, lymphatic and digestive system but with the modern diet and lifestyle that most people are accustomed to our colons are clogged with undigested food, impacted mucus and fecal matter, which causes a sluggish system inhibiting proper digestion, causes infrequent bowel movements and toxication of the bloodstream. When juice fasting, we allow our digestive system to take a much-needed rest. The energy saved is used for deep tissue cleansing that goes on in the body during this time. The fresh fruit/vegetable juices we drink contain the necessary nutrients to help repair the damaged cells, heal and nourish.



Daily itinerary

15:00 Arrivals and welcome juice
17:00 Opening circle
18:30 Gentle yoga
19:30 Juice
20:00 Documentary

07:00 Hot lemon water
07:30 Silent walk in nature
09:00 Golden milk
10:00 Yoga
12:00 Juice
Free time / Ayurvedic treatment
15:00 Juice
16:00 Ayurvedic workshop
18:00 Yin yoga
19:00 Detox broth

07:00 Hot turmeric and lemon water
07:30 Waterfall walk
10:30 Superfood hot cacao
11:00 Detox yoga
Ayurvedic treatment / free time
14:30 Juice
Ayurvedic treatment / free time
17:30 Juice
18:00 Hatha yoga
19:00 Detox broth

07:00 Hot Ayurvedic drink
07:30 Journalling
08:30 Juice
09:30 Conscious dance
12:00 Closing circle and juice/broth
15:00 End