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    Re-treat yourself
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7 Day Wild Women's Nature Retreat

The Wild Woman's Nature Retreats are about connecting to nature and taking a moment to connect to heart.

Women have been gathering in circles since the beginning of time to share stories and the wisdom that comes from experience. Our Wild Woman's Nature Retreats are a gentle and safe space for women of all ages and backgrounds to come together and share their experience, to have fun, be free and feel deep connection to self, each other and nature. Authentic communication, creative expression, movement art and sacred ceremony are some of the ways that we will be communing.

Are you ready for an exciting adventure? One you will never forget? The read on...

On this 7 day retreat prepare for the following:

  •  Release your true potential by challenging yourself in our yoga and movement classes, hiking and more.
  • Gain mental clarity and a new found energy as you connect with your deeper self in a safe space.
  • Boost your confidence and make life long connections with like minded women.

Nourish your body and increase your energy through wholesome plant based eating.
By getting back to basics we allow ourselves to turn within, releasing negative patterns that do not serve our authentic selves. This retreat is for anyone who wants to get their power back, gain insights into and have the tools to kick start their new awesome lifestyle. Everyone is welcome on this delicious and empowering journey of self discovery.


Your host

Carly Esterhuizen

Retreat co-ordinator and facilitator

Carly has always felt a deep connection with the earth and all the creatures living therein. After completing her studies as an interior designer, her heart guided her to another -somewhat less travelled- road entirely, as she spent months living in the South African bush and gaining her field guide certification.

Carly’s other great loves are cooking and animal rehabilitation, which inspired her to train as a patisserie chef where she learn't to prepare food in a professional environment. After which she hosted slow food and raw food retreats at her guest farm.
She also completed her studies in and worked as a canine hydrotherapist and gained a diploma in canine health and nutrition which deepened her love for general health and well being.

It was her abiding devotion to the creatures we share this earth with which led her to return to her roots, as she taught herself to craft mouth-wateringly delicious plant-based meals at her farm guest-house.

Combining her various and varied skills, Carly brings a stylishly earthy insight into nature’s bounty: sharing her knowledge about herbal remedies, foraged food, farm to table cooking, natural healing and more.