Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions are intended for your safety and ease of use of our services.

2. Cancellations: Any cancellation by the client must be advised to Guinevere Guest Farm by the lead guest and in writing.
Cancellations include the following:
A whole booking, once the deposit has been paid.
Part of a booking, once the final invoice has been sent.
A reduction or change to the final number of guests booked in once final invoice has been sent and received by lead guest.

2.1 Cancellation will only come into effect once the written advice is received by Guinevere Guest Farm

2.2   A deposit of 50% of the whole booking is required on reservation.

2.3   In the event of premature departure we may charge for the full booking.

2.4   Cancellation 0-59 days before arrival, or no show – visitor forfeits 100% of stated deposit.

2.5   Cancellation 60+ days before arrival – visitor forfeits 50% of stated deposit

2.6   A Deposit may be given back to guest by arrangement if the cancelled date is filled by another party at owners discretion.

2.7   Any changes made to a booking after the deposit has been paid and final invoice sent will be charged accordingly.

2.8   In the event of a death or serious illness or injury, the full deposit will be refunded.

2.9         Any refunds owed to the guest will be paid after 30 days from receiving payment notification.

3.     Lost property:  Lost property is held for a period of 1 month, thereafter it will be donated to charity. It is the responsibility of the guest to contact Guinevere Guest Farm management to claim lost property. On request, lost property will be returned at the expense of the guest.

4.     Guest Property: Guinevere Guest Farm and its staff do not accept liability in respect of any loss or damage to articles brought into the guesthouse. We do not accept responsibility for your cars while parked on our premises. It is the sole responsibility of all guests to make arrangements for adequate insurance coverage on all valuable items prior to arrival at Guinevere Guest Farm. This includes but is not limited to, photographic equipment, laptops or other electronic devices, jewellery, cash and vehicles.

5.     Damaged or Missing Property: The person booking the house is deemed to be responsible for their actions and those of any of their party. Guinevere Guest Farm reserves the right to replace, with new, any missing, damaged or soiled items. Any additional cleaning will be charged appropriately and may include any cost for loss of business. Losses include lost income, specialist expenses and the sourcing of alternative accommodation as necessary. The guest will remain liable for full reimbursement of such loss or damage incurred
5.1 A breakage deposit of R3000 is added to each booking to cover small breakages. The deposit is 100% refundable if no items are deemed broken or damaged.

6.     Essential Services: Guinevere Guest Farm does not accept any responsibility for Failure or Interruption of Utilities and Essential Services but shall make every effort to contact the authorities to report such incidences.

7.     Smoking: Guinevere Guest Farm is a non-smoking establishment. Smoking is permitted in outside areas where ashtrays are provided. Never toss your cigarette butts over any balcony.

8.     Force Majeure
It is agreed that neither party shall be liable for delay, cancellation or failure to perform any obligations contain herein if such delay is due to acts of God, fire, earthquake, labour, dispute, war, martial law, government order, riot, revolution, outbreak of epidemic diseases or any other cause beyond the reasonable control of the parties.

9.     COVID-19: In the case of a force majeure relating to covid-19 you will receive a full refund on your deposit if cancelled before 30+days. (This includes the closing of borders or increase in restrictions which deems travel to not be permitted).
9.1 In the case of a force majeure relating to covid-19 you will be able to transfer your date to a later suitable date if cancelled within 0-29 days of arrival. (This includes the closing of borders or increase in restrictions which deems travel to not be permitted).
9.2 No refunds will be given to any parties who cancel for personal reasons related to covid-19.